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Surge Tectonic 0

Surge Tectonic

Introduction Surge tectonic is based on the concept that the lithosphere contains a worldwide network of deform-able magma chambers, in which partial magma melt is in motion or was in motion at some time...

Introduction to Geotectonic 0

Introduction to Geotectonic

Introduction to Geotectonic The word TECTONIC derived from late Latin word TECTONICUS, then Greek word TECTONIKAN which is equivalent to tectonic. So, we can say from Greek word tectonikan, tectonic comes from.  Tectonic related...

Jet Stream 0

Jet Stream

The geomorphic air stream which run swiftly at the upper troposphere from west to east with a narrow and meandering course, is called as Jet Stream. During world war ll existence of jet stream...