Some Short Questions Of Interior Of The Earth

 Some Short Questions Of Interior Of The Earth are presented below –
            1.  The age of the earth?   
   Approximately 4.543 billion years.
2. what portion of the earth’s volume is occupied by the crust?
   Less than 1%.
3. What portion of the earth’s volume is occupied by the mantle?
4. Which layer of the earth’s interior has the lowest density?
   Continental crust.
5.Which layer of the earth’s interior has the highest density?
  Inner core.
6.Which layer of the earth’s interior is liquid?
  Outer core.
7.Which layer produces the earth’s magnetic field?
  Outer core.
8.What is the lithosphere composed of?
  The crust and uppermost mantle.
9.What property distinguishes the earth’s crust, mantle and core?
10.What keeps the lithosphere from melting (in contrast to the asthenosphere)?
    Cool temperature.
11.What keeps the mesosphere from melting(in contrast to asthenosphere)?
    High pressure.
12.What keeps the outer core molten(in contrast to mantle)?
    Minerals with lowest melting temperature.
13.What keeps the inner core solid(in contrast to outer core)?
    High pressure.
14.Through which layer of the earth do P waves travel faster?
     Lower mantle.
15.In which depth Lehman found the discontinuity?
16.Which mineral make the asthenosphere plastic layer?
17.‘Crust of transition’ where is situated?
     Edge of the continent.
18.What layer has 2/3 of earth’s mass?
19.What causes the plates to move?
     Convection currents in the mantle.
20.If the earth was a peach the pit would be the
21.What is the approximate distance from the surface to the centre of the earth?
      22.When seismic wave pass through the boundary between  two different minerals………
      Wave refract, wave reflect and wave change their velocity.
       23.How long does it take P wave to travel through the earth?
     20 minuties.
        24.In a deep mine temperature increases at the rate of……..
       30°C per kilometre.
       25.  At what temperature do the materials loose their permanent magnetism?
      26.The earth magnetic field reverses itself roughly every………
     27.What region of the earth take the greatest volume?
     The mantle.
     28.What region  mechanical behaviour is found at the part of the earth?
     The lithosphere.
     29.How fast do P wave travel to granite?
    30.The thickness of the  lithosphere is approximately…..
   100km thick.
    31.An ophiolite may not include a piece of …………..
   Continental crust.
    32.Which region primarily consists  of olivine and pyroxene?
     Upper mantle.
Layer                                                          Composition
Continental crust                                   Felsic silicate minerals (granite)
Oceanic crust                                         Mafic silicate minerals(basalt)
Mantle                                                    Ultramafic silicate minerals(peridotite)
Outer core                                              Iron and nickel

Inner core                                               Iron and nickel

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