Types Of Volcanoes

 Volcanoes are classified on the basis of the following manner:

Mode Of Eruptions

 Eruption are of two types i.e. Central type of eruption and Quiet type of eruption.
Again Central type of eruption can be classified in the following manner;
  1. Hawaiian type of eruption
  2. Strombolian type of eruption
  3. Volcanic type of eruption
  4. Pelean type of eruption
  5. Vesuvious type of eruption


Quiet type of eruption
  1. Lava flow
  2. Mud flow


Basis Of Periodicity Of Eruptions:

  1. Active volcanoes
  2. Dormant volcanoes
  3. Extinct volcanoes



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  1. Tushar Chaudhary says:

    Thank you SWATINANDY for the article, I find your posts easy to understand. But I like to point out some spelling error:
    Hawaiian, Strombolian, Vesuvius.

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