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Connecting SQL Server with Node.js

Now a days node.js is gaining popularity. Many applications are getting migrated to node.js from different technology stacks. We will discuss about connecting SQL server with node.js. Let us consider we have one


Impact of Blockchain on Technology

Now a days, the word Bitcoin is ringing like a buzz. However people were not interested too much on bitcoin since its inception in 2009 until recently. The underline technology of bitcoin is Blockchain....


Content Negotiation in WebAPI

Content negotiation is one of the great feature available in Web API. Client and Server do the content negotiation based on the type of the content. ASP.NET WebAPI is built on top of REST....


Difference between readonly and const

readonly and const keyword In C#, readonly and const keywords are quite similar, both of them once declared, cannot be changed through out the entire application. However couple of differences are there for both...


Dependency Injection in C#

Dependency Injection Simply, Dependency Injection means injecting any dependency to a module. Before discussing about Dependency Injection, let us start our discussion with Inversion of Control (IOC). IOC principle says that “Don’t instantiate any...

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Yield Keyword in c#

Yield is one of the useful but less understood keyword available in C# Language. Yield provides two benefits – Avoids the use of memory for filtering a list. Remembers the state while iterating a...


Running Crystal Report 2008 in Docker

Running Crystal Report 2008 in Docker is not a straightforward approach. If we want to run crystal report in production environment, then we have to follow the below steps – Install CR 2008 Redistributable...