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Chemical Weathering 0

Chemical Weathering

Chemical weathering:  Decomposition and disintegration of rocks due to chemical reaction is called chemical weathering. the gaseous component of the atmosphere like oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, water vapour react with the minerals of rocks and changes...

Physical Weathering 1

Physical Weathering

In physical weathering, rocks are disintegrated due to rain water, temperature, frost etc. without changing any chemical composition of the rocks.

Weathering 0


The word weathering is derived from weather. When the rocks are disintegrated and decomposed due weather elements such as water, temperature, wind, is called as weathering. Weathering is a static process, it means that...

Cycle of Erosion By L.C. King 0

Cycle of Erosion By L.C. King

L.C.King or Lester Charles King was a South African Geomorphologist. He explained the evolution of south African landscape through a cycle of erosion. He stared his study over the arid, semi arid and savana...

Physiography Of India 0

Physiography Of India

The word physiography means the study of physical features on earth surface. Different types of physical features are exist in India. Northern part of the country is occupied by snow covered Himalaya, vast peninsular plateau...


Cycle Of Erosion By Penck

Introduction:  German scientist Walther Penck rejected the Davisian model of Geomorphological cycle based on time. He presented his own model of ‘Morphological system’ or ‘Morphological Analysis’ for the explanation of landscape development.      Penck criticised...

Cycle of Erosion by W.M.Davis 0

Cycle of Erosion by W.M.Davis

William Morris Davis was born in 12th February, 1850 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, into a prominent Quaker family. He was an American Geomorphologist. He had sound knowledge over geography, geology and meteorology, thus called him...


Origin of Monsoon

The word monsoon is derived from an Arabic word ‘Mausim’ means season. Monsoon is such a seasonal wind which blow in one direction during summer but blow absolutely reverse during winter. origin of monsoon...

Index cycle of Jet Stream 0

Index cycle of Jet Stream

Index cycle is a complete circular motion of Jet stream. Typically it blows from west to east, but change in direction is a common characteristics of this wind. This wind system takes 1 to 2...

Characteristics of Jet stream 0

Characteristics of Jet stream

Below are some characteristics of Jet Stream, Jet stream is being found at the height of 9km to 12km from the ground surface. It blows from west to east and parallel to the isobar...