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Binary Star Hypothesis Of Russell

  H.N. Russell, an American astronomer, propounded his Binary Star Hypothesis in the year 1937 to remove the shortcomings of tidal hypothesis of sir James Jeans. Russell opined that there were two stars near...

Nebular Hypothesis Of Laplace 2

Nebular Hypothesis Of Laplace

      French Mathematician Laplace propounded his Nebular Hypothesis in the year 1796. Laplace’s hypothesis is just the modified version of Kant’s hypothesis. Laplace propounded his hypothesis without mathematical formulation. In fact, Laplace postulated...

History Of The Landscape 0

History Of The Landscape

The term process applies to the many physical and chemical ways by which the earth surface undergoes modification. Some processes such as vulcanisim, diastrophism originate from the interior of the earth’s crust and some...