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Present XML documents 0

Present XML documents

Present XML documents XML is about defining data. With XML you can define data and their hierarchy level. But to make these documents understandable to humans, you need to present them using HTML. To...

XML – Document Type Definition (DTD) 0

XML – Document Type Definition (DTD)

Document Type Definition To use XML you need a Document Type Definition. A DTD contains the rules for a particular type of XML-documents. Actually it’s the DD that defines the language. Elements A DTD...

Well formed XML document 0

Well formed XML document

An XML document needs to be well formed. Well formed XML document means that the document applies to the syntax rules for XML. The rules To be well formed a document needs to comply...

XML Attributes 0

XML Attributes

XML attributes are used by elements in XML . The syntax is: <element name = “attribute-value”>….</element> The value of an attribute needs to be quoted, even if it contains only numbers. An example <car...

XML document 0

XML document

An XML document contains XML declaration, root element, sub elements and attributes. The XML declaration The first line of an XML document is the XML declaration. It’s a special kind of tag: <?xml version=”1.0″...

Elements and sub elements of XML 0

Elements and sub elements of XML

Elements and sub elements of XML In the XML-code the tags of the sub elements are enclosed within the tags of the element car. Sub-elements are also called children. With XML tags you define...

XML Tags 0

XML Tags

XML Tags XML tags are created like HTML tags. There’s a start tag and a closing tag. <tag>content</tag> The closing tag uses a slash after the opening bracket, just like in HTML. The text...

The general structure of XML 0

The general structure of XML

Structure of XML In XML, you define your own tags. So a tag may be <car> or <students>. The meaning of the tag can be defined using DTD. A general structure of XML can...

Important Features of XML 0

Important Features of XML

Important features of XML are, it is written in plain text, used to identify and represent data, stable, inline re-usability, linkability and hierarchical. Plain Text Because XML is not a binary format, you can...

Books of XML 0

Books of XML

Hey…follow some links to get some books of XML ……… 1.w3 school is here http://www.w3schools.com/xml/ 2.its also great http://www.stylusstudio.com/learn_xml.html# 3.XML in 11 mins…….. http://www.softwareag.com/xml/about/XML_in_Minutes.htm 4.its a pdf document http://ioc.unesco.org/oceanteacher/OceanTeacher2/08_Exercises/01_InfoTechEx/KickstartXML/xml-tutorial.pdf